Digital signage is an electronic display showing information, advertising and other messages. Throughout the country, digital signage is at retailers, airports, museums, casinos, universities and medical facilities to name a few. It’s everywhere! The benefits of digital signage are that the content can be changed easily and animations added. The signs can adapt to the context and audience, even interactively. Attention grabbing, informative digital signage offers superior return on investment compared to static or temporary promotional signs.

Shopping malls, points-of-sale, kiosks, self-checkout terminals, and much more

The term “convenience store” will garner a whole new meaning in the coming years. Informative and intelligent displays will transform the landscape of your shopping experience. Displays powered by Matrox Multi-display graphics cards will let you effectively market your message, encourage last-minute additions to a purchase, dramatically increase customer satisfaction, and reduce dreaded waiting time in lines.