Privacy Policy

GDI privacy policy statement

Your Information

Each time you request information from us or register for an electronic newsletter, we may include your name in our email mailing lists. We may use these mailing lists or this information for marketing and promotional purposes to occasionally notify you of products, special offers, events or training opportunities we think will interest you.

Removal from Mailing Lists

If you don’t wish to receive such notifications and offers from GDI, you can request to be removed from our mailing lists. Every email message sent to mailing lists maintained by GDI contains a link to automatically unsubscribe from the list, or lists, to which the email was sent.

You may also request to be removed from mailing lists maintained by Information Today, Inc. via email (to, telephone (877.715.0535), fax (414.203.8339), or in writing (GDI, 160 South 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204).

Questions or comments about this privacy policy may be directed to: