Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen of Streaming Media Magazine said, “The Streaming Media 100 is our annual attempt to shine the spotlight on the companies that enable the creation and delivery of all of that amazing content. These are the companies that our editors and contributors have determined to be the cream of the crop‹the most important, most innovative, and most influential companies providing streaming and OTT technologies, products, and services.” According to Roger Bieri, CEO of Osprey Video, “Our focus over the last year has been to keep our finger on the pulse of our current customers to ensure we¹re supporting current product rollouts, design wins and ultimately the needs of our customer base. But, even more so than ever, we’ve ramped up our product development to ensure that the next 12 months will position Osprey Video as a leader in not only capture cards, but Hardware Encoders and other important tools in the streaming workflow.”{search_term_string} read more
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